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Working together to end domestic violence and abuse.

The Calan DVS Amman Valley team has proudly taken delivery of 30 Buddy Bags after signing up to the national Buddy Bag Foundation scheme.


The Buddy Bag Foundation supplies 'Buddy Bags' to children who find themselves in emergency care after a traumatic incident often arriving with only the clothes they are wearing. These bags help make a difference by ensuring a child has the essential items they need for their immediate wellbeing and comfort including a toothbrush, hairbrush, pyjamas, socks, underwear, toiletries, a book, a photo frame and teddy bear.

 The programme was developed in response to increasing requests from community agencies for supplies for children in emergency care who are without basic necessities. Buddy Bags are something these children can call their own, no matter where they go.

 The Foundation provides a selection of 30 Buddy Bags for a cross section of age groups from babies up to 16 year olds.   

Says Becky Isaac, Community and Administration Coordinator, “The Buddy Bag Foundation was created in response to the rising number of children who enter emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home.  At Calan we understand the importance of restoring a sense of safety and security into a child’s life during this traumatic time is one of the first steps to recovery. By joining this scheme, we are able to provide these children with a few essential items to help make the transition into emergency are a little easier – a small element of comfort when all else has been removed.”