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Working together to end domestic violence and abuse.

In today’s blog, Rhian Bowen Davies, Chief Executive of Calan Domestic Violence Services, reflects on the importance of exploring difficult options.

For organisations exploring their futures, merger is often considered as the option of last resort.

A common question for organisations considering merger is “What will we lose?” But merger can be a positive move framed around “What can we gain?” Merging can offer opportunities to expand; to offer more services across a greater area. It can be a means of safeguarding activities and shaping the services you want to deliver.

There are of course challenges in formally unifying with another organisation, and merger can be a complex and time-consuming process. It is therefore a serious consideration, but an important one nonetheless.

The Charity Commission encourages charities and trustees to look regularly at what more they can achieve for their charity's beneficiaries by working with others. It states that “Some charities may decide that merging with other charities is the best way of meeting their current and future beneficiaries' needs.”

When setting your strategic direction and exploring the scenarios your organisation might face, it can take courage to consider working formally with a partner. But your organisation will be in a stronger position if it has realistically explored all its options, even the more difficult ones.

And for organisations that take the plunge and decide to merge, the benefits can be considerable.

Rhian Bowen Davies will be delivering a workshop on ‘The story of a successful merger’ at WCVA’s Collaborative Working Conference on Tuesday 9 July 2013 in Swansea. Further information and booking details here: