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Working together to end domestic violence and abuse.

Chwarae Teg is a charity, set up in 1992, that is continuously working to help Welsh women enter the workplace and develop their skills, while building rewarding careers. Chwarae Teg has identified a number of obstacles that Welsh women face, which can specifically restrict their career development, such as persistent gender stereotypes, the underrepresentation of women in senior roles, the remaining gender pay gap or the expectation that caring is primarily a woman’s role.

To address these issues throughout Wales, the charity has three missions that it is focusing on; working with women to broaden horizons and build confidence, working with employers to create modern workplaces that are successful by harnessing everyone’s contribution, and working with influencers, educators, and decision makers to build a society that values, supports, and benefits women and men equally.

In line with these missions, on International Women’s Day this year, Chwarae Teg launched their new manifesto. The manifesto sets out a number of actions and calls for reforms to be included in party manifestos for the 2016 National Assembly elections.

The areas addressed in the manifesto include, education and skills, economy, employment, transport, enterprise, care, poverty, finance, and decision making. Within these, Chwarae Teg make a number of balanced and reasonable suggestions that will lead to a natural progression of equality in Wales.

Such suggestions include:

  • “Mentoring and support networks are created for women in sectors and roles where they are underrepresented.”
  • “Stronger links between schools and local businesses are promoted, focusing on offering a broader range of options to girls through positive role models and meaningful work experience.”
  • “Childcare is driven by meeting both parents’ economic needs, and the children’s educational needs.”
  • “Action is taken by all parties to achieve gender balance within the Welsh Assembly once more.”

In a recent report, ‘Who Runs Wales’, commissioned by the EHRC for International Women’s Day, shocking statistics regarding gender equality were uncovered. Ten years ago, 29% of NHS Trust chief executives in Wales were women, but in 2014, that is only 10%. Ten years ago, 14% of council leaders in Wales were women, but that figure has fallen to 9% in 2014. Within the National Assembly, who in 2003 had a world-first gender balance of 50% of men and women, there is a now unequal division of 58% men and 42% women.

From these figures it is clear that there are constant failings to ensure that our corridors of power, and our representatives in government, reflect the interests of the diverse population of the country. Chwarae Teg’s missions, and their new manifesto, are focussed on addressing these issues of inequality and ensuring all parties are equally treated and represented, which they are asking for all political parties to support.

You can view their full manifesto by clicking here.