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You might have often heard the phrase “you throw like a girl”, or “you run like a girl”. Those five words have been used for years as a way to tease someone, or describe something that is weak, or lesser than average. Most people have become accustomed to using “ a girl” as a throwaway, derogatory remark, but Always are hoping to change that.


Always, the sanitary towel company, have created a new campaign, along with a video, in order to challenge people’s perceived meanings of what “like a girl” actually means. In the video, Always have gathered a number of people, of all different sexes and ages, and asked them to show what they think it means to run like a girl, throw like a girl, or fight like a girl. The result is a humorous look at people fooling around, by flailing their arms, shrieking, or tossing their hair about, but when the same questions are asked of younger girls, they simply perform fast powerfully, and totally themselves.

The phrase “like a girl” has become so embedded in society as a normal thing to say, and most people will not even realise that they are turning an ordinary noun in to an insult, and generally dismissing a whole gender, and half of our population, with a single sentence. When the people in the video are asked if they think what they portrayed was insulting in any way, they then realise what they have subconsciously been perpetuating, and as they realised this, some people became emotional, and expressed regret over their interpretation.

Through this viral video, Always are bringing a brand new implication and significance to the phrase, ‘like a girl’. To be like a girl means to be strong, powerful, intelligent, independent, whatever it means to be you. The hashtag #LikeAGirl has soared across Twitter, as members of the public and celebrities alike have been tweeting what they do like a girl: ‘I run my meetings #LikeAGirl’, ‘I shred my mountain bike #LikeAGirl’, ‘I do theoretical atomic and molecular physics #LikeAGirl’ and a Dutch Olympian even declared ‘I swim #LikeAGirl and have a gold medal to prove it’.

Through this campaign ideas are being challenged, stereotypes are being changed, and, hopefully, new beliefs are being nurtured. This is a positive step towards women being seen as completely equal on a national level, in all areas of society.

Join in the discussion on Twitter by using #LikeAGirl, and watch the Always campaign video below.