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If you follow Calan DVS on Facebook or Twitter, you may remember that we posted about the revelation that Britain was 65th in a global league table of female representation in politics. Britain is currently behind many countries in Europe and the entire world, as only 22% of cabinet ministers, 23% of MPs, and 23% of peers are women. This contributes to a distinct lack of women and female positions taking up public roles and appointments, severely under-representing over half of the population.


 Women’s voices and views can often go unheard or be overlooked because of this under-representation, and the Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales, Dame Rosemary Butler AM, has launched a ‘Women in Public Life Development’ scheme in order to help combat this, which is to commence in October 2014. The scheme will provide 15 mentees with training and development to boost their personal skills and confidence to apply for positions in public life, one to one mentoring sessions, as well as role-shadowing opportunities at the highest levels in various public bodies.

Calan DVS’s CEO, Rhian Bowen-Davies, has been selected as a mentee to begin the scheme. Through this scheme Rhian will be able to develop her already extensive skills, knowledge, and expertise, and put these areas to use in exploring other business sectors, as well as contributing to the leadership and accountability of public bodies.

Rhian has been invited to attend the official launch of the scheme on October 9th at The Senedd in Cardiff, where all mentees will be welcomed by the Presiding Officer, and have a chance to meet with their mentors.

In response to her selection as a mentee, Rhian says “I am delighted to have the opportunity to be part of this exciting development scheme which recognises the invaluable contribution that women can make to public life in Wales”.

For more information and news about the scheme, you visit their Facebook and Twitter profiles.