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Working together to end domestic violence and abuse.

On July 13th, the Welsh Government launched the next phase of their ‘Live Fear Free’ campaign – ‘On Your Street’.


‘Live Fear Free’ is a long-term campaign designed by the Welsh Government to tackle a wide range of domestic abuse issues, and this next phase is designed to highlight the need for people to speak up if they suspect a family member, friend, colleague, or someone ‘on your street’ is experiencing any form of domestic abuse.

Over 47,000 incidents of domestic abuse were reported to the police in Wales last year, though it is highly likely that there are many more incidents that go unreported, and this new campaign is designed to shed light on what could be happening to people you know behind closed doors.

The campaign aims to raise much needed public awareness of domestic abuse by using a range of different media formats, and illustrating that it can happen to anyone in any location. You might have seen posters on the roadside or the social media campaign, and you might have already heard radio adverts telling you about people who get home and have their dinner and look at their emails, while someone a few doors down is living with domestic violence and abuse.

Public Services Minister, Leighton Andrews, said “Domestic abuse is not always easy to spot and signs can go unnoticed for months, even years.

With so many victims of domestic abuse, the chances are we all know someone who is suffering. We must watch out for the warning signs and speak out if we see them.

Domestic violence and abuse can get gradually worse over time, and can often go unnoticed for months or years, even by close family and friends. That is why it is so important to encourage people to speak out if they have any suspicions about domestic abuse; it could be the one thing that helps an individual to seek out appropriate help and support.

You can find more information and campaign activity on the Live Fear Free Facebook page, as well as their Twitter page

If you are experiencing any form of domestic violence or abuse you can call Calan DVS on 01639 633580 in Neath Port Talbot, 01874 625146 in Powys, and 01656 766139 in Bridgend. You can also call the All Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Helpline on 0808 8010800 or visit for further information. If you are unsafe you should always call 999.