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Working together to end domestic violence and abuse.

The Rugby World Cup is now in full swing, and with the tournament being hosted in the UK this year, the feeling of excitement and competition is certainly more palpable than usual. That’s not to mention the startling winning pace the Welsh team seem to have built up in their first few games.


We are a nation of rugby lovers in Wales, and as the tournament goes on for a further few weeks, things are guaranteed to grow more and more thrilling, and the tension for Wales is only set to grow. At times like these it is great to get together with friends, head to the pub, out on the town, or even to the stadium itself and revel in the lively atmosphere.

However, Calan DVS would like to highlight that the tensions and highly charged atmosphere surrounding large sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup is not always such a positive thing. The majority of people deal with this in a fun way, but there are sometimes individuals that use this as an opportunity or an excuse to commit harm against others. This can include violence in general, but it is a proven fact that the number of domestic violence reports always increase during large sporting events.

Win or lose, emotions are certainly running a higher than usual during national and international sporting events, and when this is mixed with the large quantities of alcohol usually consumed during games, then it can pave the way for inexcusable behaviour. There is a worryingly consistent trend of rising domestic abuse reports during events like the 6 nations, football world cup, and the autumn internationals.

Numerous studies over recent years have shown that reports of domestic abuse in South Wales increased by a shocking 76% when Wales have played England, and on average, they can increase by 25% across the UK when a ‘home’ team is playing. These statistics represent a winning or losing result, but it is thought that a team loss can result in a further 10% increase in reports of domestic violence and abuse.

There have been a number of campaigns over the years by government bodies, the police, and other domestic abuse support organisation to try and raise vital awareness of the impact large sporting events can have on the levels of domestic abuse. However, the number of reports of domestic abuse reports surrounding large sporting events continues to rise, no matter the sport or team involved.

Sporting events like the world cup should allow for people to come together in a positive way, and all experience the ups and down of the tournament as a nation supporting their team, but it is also so important that you remain vigilant and stand against any signs of domestic abuse that you might see. If you suspect a friend or loved one is experiencing any form of domestic abuse, then we would like to encourage you to ‘make stand’ and help where you can.

Overall we hope that everyone can enjoy themselves as much as possible over the next few weeks of the tournament, no matter what results Wales get, while also sparing a moment to think about those that might be not able to enjoy themselves due to inexcusable actions by their partner or family member.

We encourage anyone who has been threatened with, or is experiencing any form of domestic abuse at any time of the year to call us on 01639 633580 in Neath Port Talbot, 01656 766139 in Bridgend, and 01874 625146 in Powys for support and information. If you are unsafe always call 999. You can also call the All Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Helpline on 0808 8010800, visit the Live Fear Free website, or take a look at the Calan DVS resources on our website.