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Working together to end domestic violence and abuse.

After providing domestic abuse services in South Powys for the last 27 years, women whose lives have benefited from the services provided by Brecknock WA pay tribute and say thanks. Oct 1st 2014 marked the start of a new era for domestic abuse services in South Powys as Brecknock Women’s Aid merged with Calan Domestic DVS.


At the end of 2013, the Trustees of Brecknock Women’s Aid commissioned a review of the organisation and in order to ensure the preservation of specialist services in the area, took the decision to merge with Calan DVS. Since then, the combined forces and expertise of Brecknock Women’s Aid and Calan DVS have moved forward together as one merged organisation operating under the name Calan DVS.

Brecknock Women's Aid Word ArtExpressing in their own words, their thoughts and feelings about what the services of Brecknock Women’s Aid have meant to them, the contributions of women and children were collated and a digital word art picture commissioned. Service users in refuge chose the final image into which these words were embedded -it represents their courage, strength, recovery and looking ahead to a brighter future. The final piece was completed by digital artist Juan Osborne.

Within the artwork women describe how the services and support they received helped them to feel ‘safe and secure’, the support ‘invaluable’ helping them to regain ‘confidence’. They expressed experiencing ‘kindness’ and ‘understanding’, feeling ‘listened to’ and ‘believed’ and with each step becoming ‘stronger’, things seeming ‘brighter each day’, finally enabling them and their children to ‘move on’ with their lives.

The common denominator of harassment, discrimination, prejudice, abuse, persecution, conflict and violence is bullying. Bullying is an issue associated with power and control and it provides an opportunity to understand the behaviours which underlie almost all conflict and violence. Many believe that bullying, in whatever form it takes, is the single most important social issue of today.

On Saturday 21st March as part of the Women’s Festival in Brecon  (marking International Women’s Day) all female band Tarian with their Latino rhythms and beats are playing at the Muse (Brecon), supported by female poet Marva Jackson Lord. Proceeds from the event will go to Calan DVS services in South Powys. Also on Wed 11th March at 11am staff from Calan DVS will be running a session to highlight the changes to services in South Powys.

Brecknock Women's Aid Word Art